The Cut off

I have probably come across thousands of quotes on how to cut people off this year alone, someone doesn’t reply to your texts “cut off” someone hasn’t texted you in a while “cut off.”

I mean this is the trend right now with hashtags like #savage or #unapologetic and the likes, but making something sound cool doesn’t make it right and this generation has a lot to learn on the difference between respecting yourself and downright rudeness and most have chosen the latter all in the name of “being real.”

I personally don’t believe in cutting people off because as long as the second party hasn’t told me why they aren’t responding to my texts or haven’t given a good reason why we can’t meet up, then I will keep thinking something is wrong at their end.

Some of you will call this naivety but I have been depressed and one of the signs is not wanting any form of communication with anyone.

This is not because of the person on the other end but because of how depression makes you feel. Depression takes you to a very dark pit where you feel like you’re drowning but you can’t see your way out and you keep losing air with every breath you take.

That’s why I never cut anyone off until I am 101% sure you don’t need me or my friendship, not out of some self-serving move because you didn’t reply to words on a screen.

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Dead skin

we’ve all been wounded at one point or another and no matter the type of wound or the seriousness of it, one sure thing is, it always leaves a scar; some fade away with time and some don’t.

Those that don’t, serve as reminders; some wounds come with happy memories others not so happy ones but the scars always makes sure we don’t forget that moment and the lessons that came with it.

The way of life.

Wounds come with dead skin too, the part that sheds itself off to allow room for another one, a clean slate if you’d like, Life is like that too shedding away the dead parts inside and around you. The ones holding back.

The dead friends that take up room for your growth, sometimes it can be losing that job you don’t like but you keeping doing because you need the money.

Dead skins in life come in many forms of change, change can be painful, big changes always do but they make the biggest impact on you, it can even go far and affect the ones the closest to you, or on those rare occasion you might not feel it at all. one thing is for sure;

Change is inevitable

Change, like dead skin comes with healing. healing from past mistakes and this only happens by letting the pain go and like most wounds, some will leave deep scars with angry memories making us feel ashamed of them.

But that shouldn’t be the case because scars tell our stories without having to say a word. They show that you have been put through hell but you made it out by the sheer determination of you wanting to get better.

Mental wounds cause damage even when they have healed, the scars still come with pain, pain caused by lack of them healing properly due to not taking care of the wounds as they heal, the dead skin remains covered by the scars cause discomforting; resulting in pain.

Wounds come with pain combined with the dead skin, they might seem like baggage but Rumi once said: “The wound is the place where light enters.”

so take care of your wounds, clean away that dead skin and be proud of your scars. Remember healing is a process.

The night of….

the memories are starting to feel real
the pain is more intense
the anger is still too much
I’m back there, in that dark room
the air filled with nothing but smells of you
the smell of cheap liquor
his dirty clothes, his dirty shoes
his sweat from hard labor and lack of shower
I can feel his breath at the back of my neck
his rough hands holding me down
I can see nothing but darkness, I can’t move
so I lay there like he says hoping he’ll be done soon
but I pass out or maybe I just can’t remember
because I don’t know how it took
but it’s morning, there is light again and he’s standing over me.

Love Dennis Purity.

Photography and photo trends. 


Every year time and money is put into researching what new trends will be – after all there’s big money to be made in knowing what your audience is going to be looking for.
In this article my focus will be on photography trends for 2017 from research and my own personal opinions. I will write them in point form from the new come backs to the ones already here.

1. Black and White

In a world saturated with imagery, black and white photos are making a huge comeback with a huge boom. Imagery made with solid techniques and a high artist vision will become more prevalent and there will be more work done in post – production to produce beautifully toned black and white images.

2. Film isn’t dead

In this digital age, digital technology is so ubiquitous – it’s not just because of digital cameras but also the instant access of smart phones and social media to share imagery. Everyone now is a photographer.
So to those old souls out there who still use films not to worry for I feel this year is for you. We’ll see a return in film photography and the craft of shooting film. But it’s likely to be limited to fine art styles and shooting ‘one – off’ images, as opposed to being used for commercial work (heartbreaking I know) on the good news side Kodak is bringing back a classic with the ektachrome film

3. Colors is back 

Vintage style faded photos have been immensely popular for some time – thanks in no small part to the readymade filters available in our phone cameras and apps such like Instagram. But this year research shows vibrant colors are set to make a comeback. Getty images have released their visual trends report. visual trends


Whatever happens over the year I am sure it will be a fascinating year in the photography industry and it’ll be interesting to see what will happen.


Definition of Love… 

“Love is tenacious adventure…. Real love is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world.”

Words of the great French philosopher Alain Badiou on what love means to him, those who have come before us have given their own definition of love based on their own true experience of it. Tolstoy once wrote to Gandhi that “love is the only way to rescue humanity from all ills,” but a century later Badiou emerged and unlike Tolstoy and Gandhi who advocated for a more platonic kind of love, Badiou advocates for a more intimate kind of love.

“Love… a quest for truth… truth in relation to something quite precise; what kind of world does one see when one experiences it from the point of view of two and not one? What is the world like when it is experienced, developed and lived from the point of view of difference and not identity? That is what I believe love to be.”

Badiou considers that the differences in each of us are what we seem to fall in love with not the individuals themselves, and no matter what kind of love you experience sometimes the results are always the same; you can never put in words how you feel. In one of the selected letters of James Joyce, at 27 years of age James wrote to Nora his as he referred to her soul mate;

“[……] my dear true good little Nora do not write again doubtfully of me. You are my only love. You have me completely in your power. I know and feel that if I am to write anything fine or noble in the future shall do so only listening at the doors of your heart.”

And yet to this day and century am yet to read any love letters of poems that have really captured the true meaning of love because of the different experiences there is no real definition or maybe there wasn`t supposed to be one? And the other question is why do we fall in love? 


 Philips writes:

“All love stories are frustration stories…. To fall in love is to be reminded of a frustration that you didn`t know you had (of one`s formative frustration, and of one`s attempted self-cures for them); you wanted someone, you felt deprived of something, and then it seems to be there. And what is renewed in that experience is an intensity of frustration, and an intensity of satisfaction. It is as if, oddly you were waiting for someone but you didn`t know who they were until they arrived. Whether or not you were aware that they were missing in your life, you`ll be when you meet the person you want. What psychoanalysis will add to this love story is that the person you fall in love is really the man or woman of your dreams; that you dreamed them up before you met them; not out of nothing – nothing comes out of nothing – but out of prior experience, both real and wished for. You recognize them with such certainty because you already, in a certain sense know them; and because you have quite literally been expecting them, you feel as though you have known them for ever and yet, at the same time, they are quite foreign to you. They are familiar foreign bodies.

It seems like experiences define love to us, whether we can be able to define love or but what we feel in words, does not matter, what`s clear is, it`s part of us from the beginning hidden within our frustrations and our dissatisfied hearts. And whether it`s platonic or intimate also matters less if not. Like Philips said;

“ falling in love,  your passion, are attempts to locate, to picture, to represent what you unconsciously fell frustrated about, and by.”

The ending feels so peaceful. 

I drift off, sun setting darkness approaches 

My heart starts to beat so hard almost like it wants to jump out and escape this coward body 

Did I say coward I meant dirty, filthy is more like it 

I use to love the night but now darkness scares me

Ever since the night I have been scared, afraid I’ll find myself stranded again

The walls around are thinning in

Everything seems to be getting smaller by day 

Am pushing as hard as I can trying not to let them crash me but at the same time I wanna let go 

The ending will be painful I know but the results will be peaceful. 

Are we Inherently Good or Evil? 

ARE WE INHERENETLY GOOD OR EVIL? A question with so many different answers but no definite one, some people see the world as black and white  good versus bad others just see it as much more than that, a little bit more complicated. 

In religion, ethics, philosophy and psychology, good and evil is a common dichotomy. Christianity perceives evil as something to defeated through prayer and a strong believe in God or the messiah.
 In cultures with Buddhist spiritual influence, good and evil are perceived as part of an antagonistic duality that it self must be overcome through achieving sunyata (emptiness in the sense of recognition of good and evil being two opposing principles but not a reality, emptying the duality of them, and achieving oneness.)
The question, are humans inherently good or bad is a question asked over and over again with people having different answers every time. Some believe;
There`s really no good nor evil, so it`s not innate to born good nor evil,

There`s no existence of duality. For good or evil is a perception of the world that has been created.

For when a child is born it has not yet differentiated between good and evil, it is a perception forced into him/her in order to maintain the order that has been created on this world.

And if he/she falls out the line that they have been shown to separate good from evil and they end up on the other side, they are automatically labeled as evil.”

Like from the original sin man knew no evil till he ate the forbidden fruit, influenced by the serpent so it`s is the environment that ultimately determines whether we are good or evil. 

But there`s always the question of choice, choosing between good evil. Do we have the power to do that? Some tend to think it`s something we pick along the way.

“We pick it along the way; we were born ‘good’. Evil crawled in just like in the original sin of Adam and Eve.”

And that statement alone confirms that our environment does control whether we are good or evil.

Most of us however just accept evil as part of life it`s just there and ther`s nothing we can do about it but do our best not to let it consume the goodness is us.

But whether we are born evil or it`s something we pick along the way and despite the suffering it causes it drives us to do good, without evil we might not  have been able to develop our unique human characteristics, the ability to express kindness, mercy and forgiveness. 

The God in us. 

​I saw God, not in a burning Bush 

But in the acts of evil, too much blood not enough vampires

Two men Killing each other and in between I saw God 

He smiled at me not for the good I have done 

But for the evil within I try to hide. 
I saw God not in the faces of men

A child burning alive and in the flames I saw God 

He spoke to me through the sounds of a wailing mother and a grieving father 

I saw God in the ashes of a burning society 
I saw God not in the kindness of men

A man seated beside a pavement dying of hunger

He showed me the true nature of noblemen 

I died not of disease but of hunger 

I came back not by miracle nor his grace but by survival 
I saw God not in nature but in darkness 

He said to follow him, he showed me the animosity that lies within 

He showed me the heaviest hearts and the darkest souls 

The loneliest of them all and most judgemental of all

But in the midst of all this I saw no one else but myself. 
©Dennis Blue


The Boy 

Under this tree he sits alone 

A book in his hands tears on his heart 

Far on the horizon the sun is red like his blood 

The clouds dark like his soul 

As the sunsets a tear down his eye falls 

Down to the now wet blades of grass and disappearing into the ground 

For he knows nothing awaits him home but sorrow 

He has to move but he can’t bring his feet to 

He is afraid, afraid of the emptiness that awaits him

The rage he buries inside him, the anger of what he went through 

Just only when he was a boy lost in the night a stranger to the world far from home

A man offers him help but then….. 

The disgusting deed he did to him for a whole night 

He cried but no help came, afraid of his wrath he kept silent 

He found his way home the next day but the boy had already died the night before 

The bright stars that lived in his eyes died too

Never being the same again, always wanting to be alone

Trust to human kind broken, shattered into million pieces. 

The day becomes darker and he finds strength to lift his legs and stands

Looks towards home not sure if he can call it home anymore 

For his heart is nowhere to be found and his soul is always restless and empty 

Yet he knows not of what he seeks. 


Here I stand lost in the sands of time 

Where seeds of my burden are buried 

It’s in the most icy cold nights that they Choke me 

That big lump on my throat ;That you brought on me

 I can breathe no more, not without yee by my heart
How your smile is imperfect, though I still adore yee

For how true and pure I find yee to be 

I did create this river of love, now you and I swim in 

But it was not for mere self glorification 

But for yee to drink and be free from thirst of love 
True to my intentions for you took them in too much towering

Expectations ;

Now the bell has rung and the end is near 

Time for thee to find where it is I truly belong

For the winds of time have caught up with thee 

And the river is dried up, be it not for thee to forget 

The momentous experience it has been. 

©Dennis Blue.

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